Annual Health Plans

Ask us today about our Puppy & Kitten Wellness Plans, and heart worm prevention.

Wellness Exams

Annual vet visits are important in maintaining your pet’s health for years to come. Vaccinations help protect your pet from diseases like parvo, distemper, rabies and many others. Ask us how a monthly heartworm prevention can shield your pet from a potentially fatal parasite.

Primary Pet Care

We believe pets are much beloved family members and as such should be treated gently and compassionately.

Who we are

San Tan Animal Hospital was created with a very unique goal: we believe in providing veterinary care in a manner that honors the family-pet bond. Serving the needs of the pet owning communities of the San Tan Valley, Queen Creek and surrounding areas, our goal is to work in partnership with the client to provide optimum pro-active, preventive health care in a friendly, compassionate environment. Our experienced animal health care team has been carefully selected for their commitment in providing exceptional professional care for the pet and the pet owner

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AAHA Accredited – The Standard of Veterinary Excellence since 1933

The American Animal Hospital Association is the only organization to accredit companion veterinary hospitals. Our accredited hospitals hold themselves to a higher standard. Pets are their passion, and keeping them healthy is their #1 priority. They strive to deliver excellent care for pets. Why? Because pets deserve nothing less.

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Discover a new way to treat their pain.

We’ve added K-Laser therapy to our practice, because we want to provide a effective and safe treatment option for our patients to heal quickly, recover fully, and reduce pain effectively. K-Laser is an FDA cleared therapeutic treatment that manages pain and inflammation while accelerating tissue regeneration. Laser energy increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the damaged area. This creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm, stiffness and pain.

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Cat Friendly Practice ®

We are happy to announce that we are now recognized as a Cat Friendly Practice!  This means our staff and doctors are continually being educated on the needs of cats.  Our practice values the feline patient's distinct needs in both the physical environment of the practice and the way in which medical care is delivered.  We have a cat friendly exam room with a window to view an active bird feeder, feline specific brochures, Feliway pheromone plug ins and spray, plus selected music playing to help reduce stress.  These efforts are all to insure your cat has the best possible experience at our hospital.

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Our Services

  • Surgeries
  • Pain Management
  • Oral and Dental Care
  • Routine Check-ups
  • On-site Pharmacy
  • On-line Medications/Supplies
  • Dermatology
  • Euthanasia
  • Microchipping
  • X-rays

We use state of the art equipment to monitor your pet though all aspects of his/her surgery and recovery. Our doctors perform numerous types of surgeries, from routine spays, neuters and dental cleanings to orthopedic and exploratory procedures.

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We care about the comfort of every pet! Each surgery patient goes home with medication, to keep them pain free for several days.

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Oral care is essential for the health and well-being of your pet. Dental cleanings are recommended annually after 5 years of age. The doctor will examine oral hygiene at annual examinations and make dental cleaning recommendations at that time.

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Annual exams and vaccines are vital to long term care. Vaccinations help protect your pet from diseases like parvo, distemper, rabies and many others. We also recommend monthly heartworm prevention to shield your pet from this potentially fatal parasite.

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Most canine and feline prescriptions are stocked in our on-site pharmacy. Prescription refills should be requested 24 hours prior to pick up.

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San Tan Animal Hospital is pleased to provide our clients with this online resource for many canine and feline medications and supplies. Click here to order for home delivery!

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Allergies are a common issue here in Phoenix. Our doctors will customize a treatment plan specific to your pets needs. Most allergy issues are treated with medication and/or diet.

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As pet owners, we understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to a beloved family member. The animal health care team of San Tan Animal Hospital is committed to providing support to the pet and the pet owner during this challenging time. Our services include end of life evaluations, compassionate euthanasia and after care.

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A small microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, may be inserted just below the surface of the skin. After registering this tiny chip, it can help reunite you and your pet if he ever gets lost. This chip never needs to be charged or re-registered, but please make sure you keep your information up to date if there are any changes to your address or phone number!

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Radiographs are captured digitally so that we have results in seconds! This allows us to send copies to specialists and owners upon request.

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What our clients say

Dr. Scott Darger has been my vet of choice for 20 years. Besides the fact that he is, hands down, the best vet in Arizona, he is also very loving, compassionate and kind to all animals and their parents. Dr. Darger has always consistently provided superior care to all of my animals over the last 20 years. In addition, he has always helped me to make the most compassionate choices for my babies, even when those choices were hard. His office is top-notch clean, efficient and organized. He has always been there when I needed him, even coming in late at night when necessary. I can’t say enough positive about him. Just one visit is all it will take. You and your animals will be as in love as we’ve been for the past 20 years. Dr. Darger, I would follow you to the moon. Your friends, Marni and all her furry kids.

Marni S.

Our family has been clients of Dr. Darger for over 18 years and wouldn’t trust our pets care to anyone else. This hospital is beautiful and clean and the staff are kind, caring and professional. We highly recommend Dr. Darger and his staff.

J R.

This is a first time that I am writing a review in my life. And the reason:
Dr. Darger and his team are the BEST.
The amount of attention, care and devotion given to every single person and their pet, is more than you can imagine. They really go out of their way to help in anyway possible.

Miad V.

If you are looking for a vet with compassion, respect and love for your furry family please consider Dr. Darger at San Tan Valley Hospital . You’ll never be disappointed and I promise your furry babies will never be in better hands. I’ve known Dr. Darger for over 7 years. He always goes out of his way to help me with my own or my my rescue furry babies. Without his help I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. He is a Guardian Angel to my furry family and me. His TEAM is amazing; they are all patient and caring. They make us feel welcome whenever we step in.

In my opinion a good deed is a reflection of a person’s soul. Here is a story I want to share with everybody. A few years ago one of my dogs was hit by a car just before Christmas. I had no money to take her to the Emergency Clinic because a few months earlier I took a rescue kitty to the Emergency Clinic and paid $4,000 out of my pocket. I called Dr. Darger and he came from home in the middle of the night and opened his practice to help my dog. His concern and care were aboveboard. That’s truly a genuine doctor who cares for the animals and his ethical practice. I will never forget his kindness and compassion. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Cristina P.

Myself and my animals are beyond thrilled to have Dr. Darger so close to our home. The care that he provides is unlike any I’ve seen in all the vet visit I have had with my personal and other rescued animals. Queen Creek is very lucky to have such a special guy caring for our pets!

Cara R.

Best vet around!!! We just love Dr. Darger. He’s the best!

Jodi B.

You won’t find a better Vet or more caring and honest guy around! I’ve been taking my dogs to Dr. Darger for 17 years and trust he and his wonderful staff.

Jeanne R.

For the last 8 years I have driven by countless other vet offices to go to Dr. Darger. ( At his last location. ) We have had conversations in the past about him opening another location closer to home. And he did!!!!!! I am ecstatic for my babies having their amazing DR closer to home. And am super excited for Dr Darger on his new adventure closer to his home as well! You can’t go wrong in bringing your fur babies here. 5 stars for sure!

Kelly V.

For my friends with fur kids……If you’re looking for a new Vet, or need a change, go see Dr Darger at San Tan Animal Hospital located at Ocotillo and Rittenhouse. He is without a doubt one of the most caring and knowledgeable Veterinarians I’ve ever been to. Trust me when I say, you’ll never want your babies to see anyone else!

Linda D.

Great hospital, amazing Doctor! Dr Darger is simply the best vet we’ve ever had. Honest, great at what he does and extremely knowledgeable and the fur kids even like him. Brand new office, clean and bright! I would recommend him to anyone, if you think you’ve got a good vet, try Dr Darger, you’ll never want to go anywhere else again. So glad he’s closer now!

Abby G.

I called for an appointment this morning. My daughter was able to take our little Sugar in this afternoon (same day!!) and she couldn’t say enough about Dr. Darger and his staff. They were friendly, compassionate, and thorough. Dr. Darger explained each step of his examination of Sugar, made an accurate diagnosis, and gave us the meds that will get her back to 100%. We have been searching for the perfect doctor for our menagerie and we finally found him! Thank you San Tan Animal Hospital.

Theresa S.

One of the most kind and caring doctors you will ever meet! So easy to talk to, and very informative. I have seen him work miracles on animals thru rescues! He calmed all my fears with my dog that is deaf and aggressive when he is unfamiliar with places. Look no further for a great doctor, you have found him!

Shelley H.

Amazing group of talented individuals who truly care for your pets. Highly recommend San Tan Animal Hospital!

Joshua W.