Limited Screening Ultrasound

Limited Screening Ultrasound is a brand new service that will elevate our ability to care and support your senior pet's health!

This service is a great wellness tool for senior pets in addition to regular physical exams and senior bloodwork. The screening ultrasound assesses for the following:

  • Abnormal fluid in the abdomen, chest, and around the heart
  • Obvious intra-abdominal masses
  • Gallbladder sludge and blockage
  • Urinary stones and masses
  • In intact animals, uterus and prostate abnormalities
  • Lymph node enlargement which can indicate inflammation or cancer

All these issues can greatly impact your senior pet quality of life and the more we know ahead of time, the better. Call us today to learn more about the amazing tool and book a visit today!

**The ultrasound pictured above is performed by a veterinarian trained in limited ultrasound techniques. Any abnormalities found on this screening ultrasound will be communicated to the pet owner and recommendations will be made based on the abnormality. These recommendations may include further testing, referral to a radiologist for a comprehensive ultrasound and sampling, surgery, etc.